About us

Excellaid provides content management services to business owners, busy professionals and service providers to enable them focus on their core jobs and be more visible online to their target audience.


We offer creative content solutions for business owners who need to be heard and be found. Our services include:

Business blogging

  • SEO optimized
  • Featured Image (1)
  • Original content (400 words)
  • Inbound links (2)
  • Outbound links (2)

Content management

  • Blog article writing (4)
  • Blog article publishing (4)
  • Social media content calendar
  • Social media graphics (30)
  • Social media captions (50 words/30)

Lead management

  • Landing page design
  • Lead magnet
  • Web content (500 words max)
  • Newsletter (4)
  • Sponsored Ad ($20/2 days)


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5 tips for a productive entrepreneur lifestyle

It’s a new year and I know you have made lots of resolutions to be at your best this year. The 5 tips I share in this post will help you improve your daily productivity as an entrepreneur, thereby being able to achieve all of your 2018 goals. 1. Always start your day early Early […]

thrive in a saturated market

How to thrive in a saturated market

Who needs one more boutique on Allen Avenue? Allen Avenue is already full of so many boutiques that opening just one more is laughable. You begin to wonder; ‘what business sense is behind this?’ But what if that is where your passion lies? The point is, you may not come up with a novel business […]