3 ways to retain customers in a small business

With the influx of products and services that cater to similar needs, competition among sellers of similar products keeps rising in the market.

Each business is working hard to attract, maintain and retain customers. This struggle sees businesses outsmarting each other in the area of customer satisfaction and retention.

However, it is noteworthy that competition has made it difficult to please customers and win their affection to your brand without extra work.

Here are some strategies you can employ to retain customers in your small business

1. Offer product and services that cater to their specific needs

Customers would prefer to patronize you if at several times, you have proved that you are capable of meeting their exact needs with your products and services. To achieve this, consider the following:

  • Get the opinions of your existing customers when creating a new product. The best way to do this is to collect feedback and reviews of previous service or products you have offered them.  Make good use of the information to come up with what your buyers want and what they don’t care about.
  • Talk with your customers. Dialogue is usually an effective way forward dose. To know what your customers really need and subsequently provide them that need with your offers, you should talk to them. This would help you understand their expectations which you may then design services to meet. A good way to talk to your customers is through meetings and question and answer sessions.

2. Commit​ to unconditional customer service

Customers will be attached to your company when you go extra mile to meet their want at a not-very-convenient moment – this might be outside work hours or on weekends. A good way to achieve this commitment is through ultimate customer service.

Such customers would keep transacting with your company because of the trust they have in you. They may also have an unwavering preference to be served by a particular personnel anytime they visit you.

An example is a frequent occurrence a hairstylist recounted of a particular customer who would rather return home with her hair undone if she visits the salon and does not meet her favorite hairstylist.

This particular customer had​ an affectionate commitment to the hairstylist for several reasons which may include all or any of the following:

  • She was gentle with her hair
  • The hairstylist understood the customer’s exact need
  • She hardly took offence on any of the customer’s​ complaints

None of the above instances has to do with the hairstylist being an expert. For your expertise to show, you have to add good customer service.

3. Study your competition

Your competitors have strategies you do not have, likewise you have some ideas that they may never think of. I am not advising you to turn into a copycat rather, you should study your competitors and learn from them.

What type of content are they sharing?

How do they interact with their audience?

Since you both offer similar products or service, what are the functionalities their products have that yours lack?

Stalk your competitors and draw strategies from their operations. Here some cool ways to stalk your competitors. Remember to keep it healthy.

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