4 avoidable digital marketing mistakes

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. – HubSpot

To do digital marketing, you must use tools such as social media, blog articles and adverts. All of your efforts put together will help you create a solid online presence with good results. However, digital marketing has some set rules you should follow to achieve a successful campaign. There are also mistakes you must avoid if you really want your online presence to be a reputable one with good ROI.

Here are 4 avoidable digital marketing mistakes you should know

1. Being everywhere

This is a common mistake that some business owners make. You are new to online marketing and probably think it is an easy task of just creating profiles and dropping your links on each and every platform available. It will be more efficient if you start with few platforms and get used to them before creating more profiles.

If you manage few social media accounts for a start, you will have the time to remain consistent and engage with your audience. This will in turn help you get a solid understanding of these platforms, after which you can add more social media accounts to your marketing strategy.

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2. Buying of followers

If you buy followers, you risk losing your credibility and wasting money. What you should strive to achieve is engagement with your audience instead of amassing huge numbers without engagement or conversion. Bought followers are either robots or humans who are not interested in your business. When you buy followers, it will show in your engagement rate.

Imagine having 100k followers, and you put up an interesting post which gets you only 60 likes. This will portray you as a fraud to your audience which is enough to make them run from your business. Your interest should be to build an audience of followers who value your content and would eventually do business with you as against buying large followers just for the numbers.

3. Adding poor content

Poor content ranges from blurry images to badly spelt words. Avoid writing in short forms and only use standard abbreviations of your industry if your audience will understand what you are saying. Don’t just make up words and leave them to decipher what you are saying. Proofread your content and check all spellings before you upload them to your timeline.

4. Sending unsolicited emails

Believe me, for every time you send unsolicited emails, you create a silent enemy for your business. Email management is still what most people find difficult to tame, especially busy executives. How would you feel if someone adds to the pile of work you are struggling to finish?

If you need to build your list, do it the right way. Create valuable lead generation contents that would attract people to join your mailing list. Even after adding people to your list with their permission, refrain from sending them emails everyday. Create a consistency that neither annoys your readers nor make them forget about you.

I would like to mention that sending direct messages on LinkedIn and Twitter etc, does not fall into the category of unsolicited emails. What majorly constitutes these type of mails is when you purchase or copy email addresses from social platforms and start sending promotional items to the owners.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Drop your challenges in the comments below or use the contact form, let’s correct them together.