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Now that you sell on WhatsApp (4 etiquettes for success)

As of 2021, over 2 billion people actively make use of WhatsApp per month. With the availability of WhatsApp Business and all the awesome tools on the app, it\’s just wise for you to add the platform to your marketing channels.

However, using WhatsApp for business is quite different from how you know how to use it to keep in touch with friends and family; in which case you could chat up your contact at anytime of the day or even leave their chats unanswered and they\’d understand. But you can\’t do same when it comes to your clients.

When using WhatsApp for social selling, you want to be deliberate about how you conduct your business just as you would do on any other social platform or even in a physical shop.

The following etiquettes will help you delight your customers without crossing the boundaries between personal and business relationships on WhatsApp

1. Have an on and off time

I mean you should have an opening and closing time just like you would in a physical store. Do not get carried away with the seeming proximity between you and your client to feel you are free to chat with them at any time of the day.

The duration between your open and close time should not go beyond one hour per day to avoid spending too much time on the phone, thereby neglecting other duties. Also, make sure your chosen hours are during reasonable times of the day, too early or too late is not professional.

This will present you as a professional who has time for other productive duties aside chatting away useful hours.

2. Use voice calls for urgent needs

If it happens that you need to get urgent information from your client, then use voice call. Call them to get your information directly instead of sending WhatsApp chat, which they might not even see immediately. A late response might irritate you, causing you to react impolitely. So, do yourself a favor and use voice calls in urgent situations.

3. Share useful information

After you have sold to someone via WhatsApp and they have confirmed satisfaction, do not go cold on them. Keep the communication alive but do not make it about selling another product.

If they bought a product from you, make it your duty to send them few tips on how to maintain the product for durability. If it is a perishable product, share information on how to use the product for best results. If it\’s something that requires installation, be a human manual and guide them.

These are after services that will put you in the good books of your clients and make them your best word of mouth advocates.

4. Loosen up

People prefer to do business with human, not companies. So, while being professional, do not forget to be human. Keep your clients close by giving them a sense of belonging in your business. Remember their birthdays, save their preferences when they buy from you and bring it up when they place a new order. Little things count and people love to be remembered.

Do you sell on WhatsApp? Do share your tips on how you deliver excellent service to your clients.


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