8 ways to increase your business visibility

This post was inspired by a free consultation I had with two small businesses this past week. Their submissions were similar and could be summarized into the list below:

  • Low sales
  • How to convince their audience to buy from them
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Poor online visibility

I ran a basic check on these businesses and noticed that they both have minimal presence on the internet despite running viable ventures. I offered the following tips which have been proven to be effective times without number.

If you are wondering how to increase your business visibility both online and offline, here are some actionable tips that will help you increase sales, attract customers and retain your existing clients.

1. Get a business website

Always see a website as your online office especially if you are a small business owner. If you want to measure up to your competitors, you should have a business website, even if it is a basic one.

Most people now find out about a business on the internet before making buying decisions. If a potential customer searches for you and you are not available online, you stand a high risk of losing that potential to a competitor who has a strong presence on the internet.

2. Attend industry events

Search for business events around you and try to attend as much as necessary. If you are on a low budget, you may reach out to the event organizers and offer them some form of service in return for a free exhibition space or an opportunity to address the attendees in your area of specialization. This will help create awareness for your business.

3. Ask your customers to spread the word

Your customers are your best marketers, but you have to do your part before they act as one. Do your customer service well, delight them, offer them assistance when they need it and reward them. for being with you.

A satisfied customer will naturally tell family and friends about your business. Always ask for their feedback which can help you improve in your service areas and further impress your clients.

You may also do a ‘refer and earn’ where you reward them for referring new clients to you.

4. Create loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program – (Wikipedia)These programs exist covering most types of business, each one having varying features and rewards schemes. Refer to this article for more on loyalty programs.

5. Consider listing in local directories

Search for online business directories and add your business to these websites. A good example is vconnect.com. Most of these directories have high rankings on search engines such that a search for your keyword is very likely to bring up page results containing your business details.

6. Don’t overlook networking

Acquire good business cards and tell as much people as you can about your services. Let friends and family know what you do, and offer to help them with issues you can solve. If they don’t patronize you directly, they will definitely refer you to whoever needs your services.

7. Do content marketing

Create useful content and share them on social media and other relevant places. Here is a complete guide to help you get started with blogging and content marketing.

8. Do social media marketing

You should have social media profiles where you can share helpful tips and information in order to build a trusting audience that would patronize you.  Most people get it wrong with social media marketing – they are either too salesy or spammy. Here are some mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

I hope the 8 points above will help you create a winning visibility strategy for your business. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need clarification on any of the points above.