Beyond social media (offline event)

What would you do if Instagram or any other social media platform goes down again?

What if they completely shut down? Would that mean that you are no longer in business?

Your business does not have to be on hold. Come, let me show you how to keep it running no matter the downtime.

You will be shown how to register your business with Google and other business websites that target Nigerians.

I will also touch email marketing (there will be another event for this topic where I will show you from scratch how to start your own email marketing).

Event details

This event will hold at Yaba, Lagos on Saturday, 11th May, 2019 from 2pm to 5pm. Please be punctual.


  • Theme discussion: BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Refreshment
  • Q & A on business visibility
  • Business listing (class activity)
  • Networking

Why you should attend

  • Increase your business visibility online beyond social media platforms.
  • Meet new people in business and get first hand advice from experience.
  • Get collaboration opportunities and open numerous possibilities for your business.


N2000 only

Please note that only 50 seats are available.