Today, there is a fast rise in the speed of change and development of technology in the workplace and business environment than ever before. Millions of professionals and startup owners around the world are caught up in this gain in momentum.

Due to the changes in society, industry and market, professionals and startup owners meet new challenges and find new demands – and support partners for professionals and startup owners inevitably have to inherit similar challenges and demands.┬áIn providing support for 21st-century professionals and startup owners, Excellaid is caught up with these challenges and demands too.


The shift in the philosophy of work that heralded the 21st century required professionals to step up to scientific approaches to work – from job search to job rewards, to job performance and skill development. This shift in philosophy also transformed how employers approached personnel and personnel-related issues.

Employers now open a keener eye to broader employee values that help point and predict specific employee qualities which help match employees with jobs where they have the highest capability or potential. A good example is a growing interest among employers on personnel achievements during previous work experiences, rather than a mere list of previous work experiences. To keep up in their work career, professionals must have a sound knowledge of these personal values and prepare themselves in that light.

New technologies have been developed for nearly all aspects of work that one can think of – for recruitment, task and pay. These technologies come along with their complexities and, sometimes, may birth more complexities afterwards. Professionals have to develop proficiency in these new technologies – at the rate it comes, and that is becoming a very fast rate today.


The recurring evolution of business structures and markets is uneasy to catch up with – it is faster and increasingly unpredictable today, and that is even more uneasy. The philosophy of innovation and globalization are seeing services, products and consumers reshuffling in various ways. Businesses inevitably have to reshuffle to align as often as such changes reoccur in the business environment.

The change in mode of messaging saw an old mail delivery company move into a parcel delivery service called UPS. The change in computing habit has seen another old PC company extend to include a mobile company – and relentlessly try to transfer mobility to its PCs – called Apple. Today, business owners have to be aware of the forces of change in the business environment and be able to grow with it.

A large number of new technologies are available for use in business, with a high number added regularly. Apart from the internet, computer technologies are being developed and adapted for business needs. Business owners and their managers must quickly acquire these new technologies and develop capabilities in them or their business loses its opportunity to perform competitively enough in its industry and markets.

At Excellaid, all these shifts in the philosophy and technology of work and business are what our team members keep abreast of and develop solutions and defenses for with a professional haul of strategies and resources.

We are more than happy to take this on.

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