outsource to boost productivity

8 tasks you should outsource to boost productivity

Why you need to outsource

You need to constantly appraise your business processes and eliminate support processes that constitute major projects and might distract you from your core business processes.

As a rule of thumb, you must outsource such support processes. Examples include running a major ad campaign; if you are not into the media business nor big enough to have dedicated media staff, then you should outsource media campaigns instead of spending time and resources on how to get it right.

The process of outsourcing delivers the benefits that come with specialization and the theory of comparative advantage. If you focus on your core business and outsource the support processes, you will increase your company’s performance and revenue.

Another case for outsourcing is in the area of ‘temporary processes.’ If a business process recurs only once in a while, there is no need to purchase equipment and hire staff for such process, when you can always outsource. This way, you will avoid the cost of recruiting and keeping personnel and other operational resources that function only occasionally.

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By outsourcing, you transfer the risks of a process, totally or partially, from your company to the outsourced firm. So who says you cannot eat your cake and have it? At least not when you outsource your business processes.

Below are some of the tasks you should outsource to boost productivity

One of the things that highly successful people know how to do well is delegating what to who. It makes them achieve much more than other people. Delegating is integral to managing people and resources; a skill that is vital to the success of all entrepreneurial undertaking. Delegating also saves you a lot of time, and make achieving your goals easier. Below is a list of seven important responsibilities that a qualified business assistant can efficiently handle for you.

1. Book-keeping

Sometimes in the rush of deadlines, bills are forgotten, invoices become outstanding and nobody cares about whether the account is balanced or not. This chaos is not good for business. You should get a business assistant to straighten it up. They will help keep your books up to date, and in situations where there is no book, they can help start one.

2. Online research

How do you go about collating that list of corporate website for your marketing strategy? What about checking the reviews of new products before recommending them to your business? Or background online profiling of potential employees? These are duties you most likely will not have time for in the face of back to back appointments. You should get your business assistant on them.

4. Email management

How many emails do you get in a day? If you have a figure for that, you probably do not need a business assistant. But if they are such that replying becomes a full day job, you do not need to bother yourself with them anymore. Your business assistant is your savior here. You only need to give them guidelines on how to filter the mails. If you are too concerned, you could have them run every reply by you before sending out responses to the mails.

5. Data Entry

Those call cards from your recent conferences and meetings, the new customer list to be digitized, or product update on your e-commerce platform are all duties you should delegate to a qualified business assistant. Data entry is popular among business assistants as it is one of the essential skills they all possess, so you do not have to worry about the quality or consistency of work when delegating your data entry to a qualified business assistant.

6. Social media and email marketing

Generating content for your blog page is the least of your concern, let alone writing posts and updates, but all these are necessary to maintain your online presence. Our world is changing; the virtual market is reigning supreme and the social media is the real playground now. Sultry business deals are now being sealed online. You will definitely need a business assistant to keep abreast of this development. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with updating your blog pages and social media timelines, see how we can totally take this worry away from you with our content and social media management services.

7. Travel research

You can now focus on your big speech, while your business assistant takes care of your hotel and flight bookings, as well as cab arrangement. You could also leave the hassle of aligning time zones and your itineraries. They have got you covered.

8. Keeping tab of industry trend

In this information age, the myriads of information can be confusing, especially when you do not have the time to wade through and sort. You could get your business assistant on the alert, so they inform you of developments in your industry. You do not want to be left behind.

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, you should delegate as much as you can, so you can focus on more pertinent issues. The beauty of delegating these tasks to a business assistant is that you do not have to budget a huge amount to hire them, either by retainership or pay as you go, working with a business assistant is always cost-effective compared to working with a full commuting staff. You will also get the full value for your money because a business assistant is usually a professional in the areas of services he/she renders.

At Excellaid, we make life easy for you as a busy professional or business owner. We provide you with business assistance both online and offline so that you can focus on your core jobs and achieve more. Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your hours on a daily basis.

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