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Harness the power of tailored marketing with social media for your business

It is just normal that if you don’t ask, the other person is not aware of your need. Even if they know what bothers you from the outside, you still have to ask in your own words to really explain what exactly you need. This is so that you can receive tailored advice that will perfectly solve your need. At least, almost.

Same goes with marketing. Any marketing effort you make should not be based solely on assumptions. The initial knowledge of who you’ve developed your product for is not enough to sustain your lead attraction and conversion efforts.

Okay, you sell makeup products, and fine we all know that almost 100% of your client base is women. So you already know that on the outside women need your product. But is this information rich enough such that you start advertising your makeup products to all women you come across?


You need to calm down and make your audience explain exactly what they need so that you can offer the right product to the right person. And you don\’t have to ask, because asking might create a tentative atmosphere leading to delay in your marketing activity.

Instead, you should create stories that would trigger an urgency in your audience leading them to ask you for solutions to their needs. When your audience asks you for solutions themselves, the questions are from deep within and they usually mirror exactly what the person asking needs as only she knows where it hurts most. You now have clarity of the solution to provide and you know what? You are definitely going to provide a tailored solution and cheers, you’ve become the star of the moment.

If the above paragraphs seem technical, I have explained it in simpler terms in the next paragraph.

How to harness the power of tailored marketing with social media

  • Create stories with your content be it videos, blog posts, infographic, etc.
  • Do not just create content, make sure your content adds value to the consumer
  • As a makeup seller, you should have good knowledge of skin tones and be up-to-date with your industry trends
  • Your campaign should not be just buy, buy, buy. Don’t just sell, sell, sell; educate your audience (all the women you’ve assumed to be your potential customers) on the different makeup types, how to apply, the best color for a skin tone, the right quantity to apply and even how to combine colors to create a unique shade
  • Know what your existing customers like and keep your tabs on it. You would always need this information to upsell to them
  • Create a simple funnel that you will use to filter your audience according to their preferences.

The above list is in no particular order and is highly effective. You only need to be committed and consistent with this type of marketing to become the apple of your customer’s eyes, you’d also enjoy free advert and referrals as they would also become your word of mouth advocate.

Do you need help with implementation of the above strategy? Contact me to get started.


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