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Hire a business or virtual assistant to increase your productivity

When you start a business, it is inevitable that there will be administrative and other business support tasks you must perform to keep your business running.

The issue starts when you are no longer productive despite working for hours. You find out that there is always more work to be done especially tasks that fall under your core jobs.

Why you need an assistant

With writing a business plan, checking and replying​ emails, submitting corporate files, updating your website with content, writing to your clients, among other admin jobs, you might hardly have time to be productive where it matters most.

This is where you need a virtual assistant or a business assistant as the case may be, based on your requirement.

A business assistant provides business support services to busy professionals, entrepreneurs or small business owners who need enough time to work on their main profession.

Now you can focus on your core jobs and be more productive with Excellaid Support Services

Excellaid is a support company that provides business support services to entrepreneurs, small business owners or busy professionals who need to focus on their core jobs.

Why you should work with Excellaid

Our team consists of certified business administrators, digital marketers, web designers and experienced support staff.

We all work tirelessly with enthusiasm to achieve a common goal which is to enable our clients be more productive on a daily basis regardless of their schedule. This will motivate them to work better at their businesses. We also believe that this move will enable them aim higher and facilitate faster growth without burnouts.

Benefits of working with a business / virtual assistant

  • You need focus as a busy professional or entrepreneur so that you can grow your business faster. Working with assistants makes focus possible as they take on the non core jobs while you focus on your core jobs.
  • You will achieve more as there would be less distractions caused by clerical jobs such as filing.
  • An assistant will help you maintain a work-life balance that may seem impossible if you do all your assignments by yourself.
  • You will actually spend less with an assistant than hiring a permanent staff. This is because you will only be billed for hours completed and also you won’t have to think of benefits or pension, at least not at the early stage of your business when you can still make do with an outsourced assistant.

Our offer includes

  • Administrative support
  • Business writing
  • Content management
  • Social media services

Go here for full description of each service.

These are some of our clients

  • Agriki
  • Ashabi Joy Clothing
  • City Events
  • Labounty Ventures
  • Raheemah Odusote
  • XRight Technologies Limited
  • Jameelah Stitches and Stores
  • Yummy Tummies Nutrition Services

How to work with Excellaid

Use this form to request for a free consultation, and we will contact you via email or phone call (whichever is convenient for you) to discuss your business support needs and how we can work together.

If you choose to become more productive by taking up any of our offers, we will work with you online or offline as required by the tasks you outsource to us.

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