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How to become a recognised expert in your industry

Regardless of your niche industry, at some point new comers will look up to you for professional support. However, before this happens you need to have positioned yourself as an expert.

So, how do you become this expert especially nowadays that almost everybody claims to be an expert and people will need real proofs before they believe you?

The 3 methods discussed in this post are practical approaches you can take to become an authority whom people look up to without doubts or fear of being misled.

How to become a recognised expert in your industry

1. Write a book

You do not have to spend years to become an author neither must you be a professor or tag yourself as a writer to write a book. All you need do is simply pick up a topic of interest in your daily business and write extensively on it.

Here is a practical way you can write a book for expertise recognition as a caterer, for example

You may write about a recipe such as ‘cake without butter’ and how you go about baking such cake. (Is it possible to bake cake without butter? Really, I don’t know but you get my drift, right?).

Write about why you decided to switch butter for another ingredient and how you came about the concept. List the steps you took to bake and the precautions to take to achieve a nice bake. You should also write about issues that may arise and how to prevent or totally avoid them.

If you flow with the above, you are not really writing everything about baking nor cakes but just about cakes without butter which is an extremely narrowed niche and probably borne out of your own ingenuity.

The book does not have to be voluminous, a 10 – 20 page write-up is enough. Just make sure that it is expository, explanatory, contains graphics with numbered steps and easy to understand.

You may then sell the book at a token during your industry meetings or work with the media to publicize it. You may also upload it on your website and offer it as a free download to your visitors.

The more people you can get your book across to, the more authoritative you become. If you can keep innovating on new methods of doing things in your industry, your expertise will certainly be recognized in no time.

2. Start a blog

A blog is many things. Your online journal? Yes. The window into your business operations? Yes. An avenue through which you share your expertise? Yes.

The third option is what you need to place yourself in an authoritative position in your industry. For this strategy to work well, you must be a cheerful sharer. Scan your industry trends for questions and answer them in your blog posts. Look for problems and solve them in your articles.

Another action you should take for this strategy to yield good result is to make sure that your write-ups are reaching the right audience. Talk about content marketing.

When you answer questions, solve problems, release tips and trick posts, you will become the go-to authority in your industry and people will always look up to you for guidance and professional support.

3. Teach others

This is a bit close to running a blog but it is more practical. When you teach people a skill you are well versed in, you kill two birds with one stone. One is that you are sharing knowledge which is a lifetime investment for a progressive society. The other benefit is that you are also learning by teaching people.

You get the opportunity to always refresh your memory and carry out deep research on your subject matter. This will keep you learning till you become an expert that no one can ignore. Some ways you can teach people include mentoring, speaking at seminars and holding tutorial classes.

You don’t have to employ all 3 methods in your strategy. You may pick just one that you are comfortable with and stay consistent. There is knowledge and authority in sharing. Get knowledgeable and share your way to expertise.

This article was first published on June 27, 2017.


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