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How to find a good freelance writer for your blog content

As if being in business is not overwhelming enough, here comes content creation to increase your pile of work. You’ve found out lately that writing for your blog is time consuming and requires lots of work but you are unable to abandon it because it is the basis of your content marketing.

So, what to do?

You find a good freelance writer to take this burden off you.

Now, there are lots of freelance writers out there than you can ever imagine, both good writers and bad writers. I know that from these broad category, you’d rather pick a good writer. Who wouldn’t?

Let’s go search for a good freelance writer

Here are some practical steps you should take to attract and contract a good writer for your blog content.

1. Put up a vacancy ad

There is no one way method to advertise for a freelance writer as you are not looking to hire a 9 – 5 employee. Here are some ways you can put out the word that you need to outsource your writing.

  • Create a career page on your website and list your requirements, then submit the advert to job boards.
  • Search for freelance writers’ profiles on job boards or social media and contact those who meet your requirements.
  • Put up a post on your social media timeline and ask interested​ persons to send you direct messages.
  • Tell your colleagues who already outsource their writing to recommend freelancers to you.
  • Hire from peer groups. A good example is Facebook groups. Make your intention known and you will surely receive good recommendations.

As you can see from the foregoing, you can advertise for writers in several ways.

2. Make your selection

What should you look for in all of these applicants to help you make a good selection? You look out for qualities of a good freelancer writer. Some of which are:


From the pool of interested applicants, you should be able to differentiate the professionals from non professionals. By professional, I am not talking about applicants with a PhD in writing. It goes beyond having degrees or being a writing expert.

A professional freelancer must be an organized individual who is well aware of what he/she is doing. The writer you select for your content should be someone who is writing because he loves to write and can show you proof of his previous write-ups. From these write-ups, you should be able to judge if he/she is a good fit for your content.

You can also measure professionalism by the way he/she communicates with you, his/her profile timeline and how they write. If you notice too many grammatical errors or short form spellings, then know that they are not your ideal person. Move on to the next applicants.


A good writer should be the one who makes his/her research on matters of interest. He/she should be the curious type who is hungry for information and would go to lengths to feed that hunger.

To spot this quality in an applicant, ask him/her questions about your business to which you know the answers are available on your website or the profile from which you advertised for a freelance writer.

The logic here is that once the writer had seen your vacancy advert and shown interest by responding to the advert, the next step he/she should take is to visit your website to see the type of content you would need them to deliver. This will help them prepare to deliver optimal value unlike the applicant who applies, does no research about your business but waits for you to give them the job.


A good freelance writer should be the one who delivers assignment at the speculated time or even earlier. If you publish once a week, your writer should have your content ready before that date so that you have ample time to review the content before putting it on your website.

If you have difficulty in selecting the best applicant, you may give an assignment to the shortlisted candidates and see who submits first. Bear in mind though, that this is not the best way to make your selection. You should compare the submissions to look for the best content.

If your best content was submitted by a non punctual applicant, you may want to discuss deadlines with them or ask them to batch write (ask for submissions of all the content you need for next month the month before, i.e, this is June, ask them to submit your content for July before the end of June) instead of receiving submissions one after the other.

3. Give out your first assignment

You have done this in step 2 but the result you need in step 2 is different from what you are measuring at this stage. The aim of giving out an assignment is to do a quality check. Look out for SEO knowledge, understanding of the topic, punctuation, grammar, tone, etc. At this stage you should be able to make a final choice. You have an obligation to compensate the writers if you make use of their submissions.

4. Make a final choice

Now that you have employed several tactics to find a good freelance writer, you need to seal the deal with your best applicant. You have measured professionalism, curiosity, quality and punctuality, now you need to think about budget.

It is not ideal to owe your writers after they have done their part by producing quality content for your blog. Ensure you hire someone whose charge is within your budget. But be careful not to compromise quality for quantity.

Establish a working relationship with your writer so that with your assistance, they are able to produce content that resonates with your target audience.

Do you need a freelance writer? Let’s have a-five minute chat to see if we are a good fit.

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