How to identify your hidden skills

If you followed the last discussion, you will recall that I dropped some tips on how you can find out some of your inner abilities by asking yourself the question of “what are my skills”. Read it here.

Those skills and abilities you jotted as answers are your own opinions and they matter most. That is why I suggested you ask yourself first. Now you need the opinion of others to help you identify some other skills you probably possess.

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Take these steps to identify your hidden skills

The first thing to do is ask. Ask your immediate family, friends, and colleagues.

Ask at least 20 people what they think about you. What are the things they see you do perfectly when you are with them, or since they have known you.

If you ask sincerely, you will receive unbiased feedback on some of the things you can do, which you are probably not aware of.

The second step in discovering where your strength lies is to look at what you love doing most. Here are some sample questions to help you discover your abilities with this method:

  • Do you tick when you hear just the word (insert your interest e.g interior décor), or when you read a fashion news about handbags?
  • What are the things you can do for long without getting tired?
  • Do you love to (insert your interest e.g babysit), or you just feel comfortable around kids?

These questions are numerous, and you know what? The possibilities of what you can achieve if you search yourself, ask around and take notes of what you enjoy doing are endless.

Identifying your skills can open doors of career excellence and business ideas for you. Most importantly, if you know what things you are capable of, you would feel more fulfilled as an individual.

Fulfillment is a sure way to feel when you enjoy what you do either for profit or personal development.

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