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How to improve customer experience with technology

A customer’s experience starts from the first time they come in contact with your business till they finally patronise you and beyond. 

As a business owner, it’s your job to offer beautiful experience that keeps people coming back to patronise you and ultimately become your word of mouth advocate.

However, pleasing your customers while managing other aspects of your business could quickly become a tedious task especially if you\’re a one-man business.

The daily activities of a business owner including catering to customers requires concentration and efficiency in order to record progress. This is where you need technology to help lighten your tasks.

Here\’s a list of tools you can use to improve customer experience with technology

An easy to use website

When a new user visits your website, how fast it loads and the ease of navigation is the first thing they notice. If your website loads slowly, they are likely to close the page and move on to other things. This is a bad experience as the user is unlikely to return.

Another thing that could give a user bad experience on your website could be haphazard layout, unclear call to actions, and poor use of words.

So, it\’s not just enough to have a website, you also have to make it user friendly and attractive to your target customers for it to help you improve customer experience.

An autoresponder

People don\’t like to be kept waiting and for every second you keep your customer waiting, you risk losing them to the next competitor.

An autoresponder is a tool that you can use to keep smooth flow of communication with your customers even when you\’re not available.

Almost all of the communication tools you probably use have the autoresponder feature and they are easy to set up and use. You can find autoresponder feature on GMail app, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Customers are most impressed when they notice a trend of \”quick response\” from a business.


Your smartphone is also an excellent tool for improving customer experience. 

A perfect scenario is having video call with a customer in order to guide them through the installation of an item they purchased from you.

You could also build a contact list of customers on your smartphone and be among the first to send them best wishes on their special occasions just like the banks do.

People like to be remembered and your smartphone is a powerful tool for keeping in touch with people; take advantage of it for your business.

A chatbot

A chatbot allows you to guide customers through navigating your website. This is not the only thing it does. It can also help you generate leads and even build assurance.

A well programmed chatbot functions like a human customer experience representative just that you could be sleeping while delighting your customers. What a bliss!

Are you taking advantage of any of these tools to improve customer experience yet?


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