How to increase visitor engagement on your website

Doing business nowadays is incomplete without creating an online presence; a series of strategies that causes your business to be found on the internet. One of these strategies is a business website. To enjoy the benefits and get the desired results from having a website, you need to optimize it for search engines and visitors interaction.

Below is a quick checklist of simple measures you should take to increase visitors engagement on your website and keep them coming back.

1. Social media buttons must show up in mobile view

I once visited a website from my mobile device and I decided to follow them on Twitter but I couldn’t find the follow button. From experience, I rotated my device interface and voila! there it was at the top right corner of the page.

Since people now access the internet from various screen sizes, it is important that your social media buttons be displayed across several sizes so your audience could see them regardless of the size of their device. If your theme does not support showing social media buttons in mobile view, you may add them as links to the sidebar or footer widget.

You can have lots of dedicated followers on social media if you make it easy for users to find your profile link and follow you. This will drive offsite engagement and promote genuine backlinks to your website.

2. Always include sharing buttons after posts

Add sharing buttons after posts to make it easy for readers to share them with followers, friends or colleagues. This creates a wider readership for your posts and also increases genuine backlinks which is very good for SEO.

3. Avoid spelling errors especially on the homepage

Do not prepare your web content in a hurry. Spelling errors can increase your bounce rate because it is a big turn off. Always go through your writings even after publishing them. You may also get an editor to help you review your content before publishing.

4. Make call to action (CTA) buttons prominent

If you have free resources to give to your audience, make sure you add compelling messages that would attract them to click and take actions. Do not just write “Free resources” and hope they would click. Make it attractive, and include the benefits they stand to gain if they take action.

5. Open outbound links in new tabs

This allows your visitor to finish on a page and even take actions before leaving for another page or website. Although, the reader may just tap the back button to go back to your page, he might also get carried away with other posts on the new website. It’s either way. However, it is best to open outbound link in a new tab especially when the link is in between your write-up or at any part of your blog post.

What have I left out? How do you increase visitors engagement on your website? Share your tips below.

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