How to run a safe business

A safe business is the one that is free from external and internal hazards such as fire outbreak, credit card fraud, hackers, etc. It is wise to identify these hazards as they apply to your business and set up defenses against them. However, there are 2 major stand-alone bodies that naturally do not pose any danger to your business unless you trigger them to be hazardous.

They are the government and your customers. The trick is to ensure that you put them in high consideration whenever you make a business decision. Be it product design, policy or operations strategy.

If you follow set rules on business operations in your legislation and pay your dues on time, you are safe from the government. Also, if your customer service is prompt and your customers are happy with you, your business is also safe.

The question you probably have is how do you keep your customers and government agencies satisfied when you have limited resources? Worry no more, I have some workable tips for you.

Prompt delivery and prompt filing

Prompt delivery

When you receive orders from your clients, make sure to deliver on time. Simple. To make prompt delivery possible, leave room for unforeseen circumstances that might delay delivery. One way to do this is to under promise and over deliver.

If you will be able to fulfil the order within 2 days, tell your client that you will deliver within 4 days. This will help you impress your client by giving them what they want long before they expect to get it.

Another way this strategy works is if you face an unforeseen situation, you would have ample time to resolve the issue or deliver within the expected timeframe without having to reveal the glitch to your client.

However, if you are not sure of how long it would take to resolve the issue, you should let your client know ahead that their order might be delayed and also express your sincere apologies for the delay.

Customers are happy if they get what they need from you in good time and a happy customer is a repeat customer. As long as they keep patronizing you, your business is safe.

Other ways to keep your customers happy are:

  • Quick resolution of complaints
  • Prior communication before effecting a change in policy
  • Friendly and warm attitude
  • Personal engagement such as sending of birthday wishes, holiday greetings and customized gifts, etc.

Prompt filing

Each government agency you submit documents to have specific dates every month by which you must have done all your submissions. To avoid huge fines for late filing or even higher penalties such as your business premise getting locked up, endeavor to keep to date and file promptly.

You may outsource this aspect of your business to a professional accountant, company secretary or virtual assistant.

How we can help you run a safe business

  • By outsourcing your filing activities to us: we will work with your accountant or any personnel in charge of accounts.
  • We can help you create and maintain a list of your clients and prospects. It is to this list that we will send periodic emails, gifts and other valuable information to delight your customers.

Won’t you rather run a safe business? Request a free consultation, let’s assist you to shield your venture.