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How to stop overthinking content creation

Do you find yourself reasoning along these lines when it\’s time to create content?:

🤔 Will my audience find this information useful?
🤔 Will this content evoke haha moments?
🤔 I don\’t even know what to post!

One big reason why you overthink this way is by assuming your audience already have solid knowledge on what you\’re going to talk about.

What you might not realize is that information which is easy for you to understand might be difficult for them to comprehend.

The fact that you always learn about your business has made you become so conversant that you assume your audience are as learned about your industry as you are.

You might have come across people who show surprise when you casually mention something that you do in your business everyday. This is because everyday experiences for you happen to be light bulb moments for them.

Reason with this:


You eat rice almost every day but do you know how it is planted, tended to, harvested, stored, etc?

To a rice farmer, the above are everyday activities AND he is likely to think that telling you about planting and harvesting rice is easy information, but it is actually a big deal for you to learn these things!

The same goes when you think that an information is not worthy to be shared as content because it is simple information for you.

An instance of overlooking content is assuming that everyone who uses Instagram for business knows how to use hashtags at the basic level. But we all know how mastering hashtags is not a ride in the park. I can bet that no hashtag post is cheap information for anyone looking to grow on Instagram 😅

When you do this, you will find that your next content idea is just a daily activity or easy tip away.


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