How to write content that converts (plus free content writing guide)

Millions of content are published daily both online and offline and consumers are usually confronted with so much of these content that they hardly take note of what messages are being passed.

There’s information overload, and consumers have short attention span such that they spend just around 8 seconds to scan a message and if nothing in that message grabs their attention within that period, they move to the next content.

For yours to stand out from this sea of available content, you need to make what you publish speak to your audience to captivate them and not in a hurry to move to the next content.

As expected, conversion will not occur if your intended audience does not read, listen or watch your message. For your content to convert, you need to be deliberate about the message you pass, how you pass it and where you pass it. It is for this purpose that we have created a content writing framework for you.

Use our free content writing framework to write content that converts

How to make use of this document

Simply have it handy whenever you need to create content and use each of the elements in your content planning. You can as well call it a cheatsheet.

Below are links to authority blogs on each element of the content writing framework

  1. Buyer persona
  2. Content purpose
  3. Content format
  4. Understand the concept of active voice
  5. Content writing tips
  6. Content distribution

Download the free content writing framework HERE.

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Download the free content writing framework HERE.

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