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Impress your clients with this single act

When was the last time you sold at a discount price to your favorite client?

Probably today. Am I right or wrong?

We will come to this later.

I have another question – when was the last time your favorite popular brand gave you a discount or gift for being a loyal customer?

Probably some years back, but you can still remember it vividly. And because of that gift, you feel obligated to remain with the brand, as long as it keeps giving you the value you demand.

You remember the discount your popular brand gave you years ago because it made the offer a big deal. The offer appealed to your inner sense so much that you decided to keep the memory for long.

If you shop on Jumia or Konga, you should know that feeling you get when you receive a voucher of N2000 which you might not even be able to use unless you buy items worth at least N30,000.

You would feel cherished and remembered, and even if you were broke without plans of shopping anytime soon, the voucher mail would make you at least visit the online store. At this point, I and your budget will gather to pray for your insatiable wants….

Make it a big deal

Back to my first question – you need to start making your discounts a big deal. Start acting like your favorite brand.

You are probably wondering how this will impress your clients as against the casual discount rates and end of year gifts. I am not saying you should not give discount or gifts, in fact, they are good customer retention strategies. But then, you need to make your offers stick in your customers memory for a long time so that you can own their loyalty.

You need to make them look forward to receiving gifts, unlike the way you offer presently which some of your customers might even think that the discount price is the normal selling price. Let them know that you are putting careful thoughts into your giveaways.

How to impress your clients

You see what the big brands do is to spend huge amount of money to advertise their discount prices or giveaways, so you know that a lot of other people are aware of the promo. When you win, you feel special, that wow, with the huge number of participants, you are lucky to be among the winners. It is at this point that you start seeing only one brand when you want to buy noodles because of the bicycle your son won, or because of the 5 extra packs they gave you for buying a carton.

You have been impressed, at almost no extra financial cost to the company.

So, when next you want to give a discount, consider careful packaging in order to make a lasting impression on your customer. Here are some tips:

  1. Instead of asking your favorite customer to pay N200 for a commodity that every other person pays N250 for, allow her pay the full price always. Then add up the discount you would have given her and buy a gift to present her. Tag it as a gift to a loyal customer.
  2. Send gift boxes to your customers. It does not have to contain expensive items at all. Get a customized medium sized card, pen down few lines of gratitude, sign beneath it and spray some nice perfume in the box and have it delivered to your client.

Start appealing to your customers on an emotional and personal level. This will impress them more than offering frequent discounts because, they can always pay less elsewhere, but it is not as common to find a thoughtful vendor.

Do you have a more fun idea of how to implement this tip? Do share with us.


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