Hiring in a startup

Passion: the first quality to look out for when hiring for your new business

Once you decide to start a business and be your own boss, you start thinking of how to handle all the responsibilities that come with owning a business.

These responsibilities include jobs such as marketing, administrative duties, customer service, accounting, among other business functions.

However, as a new business, you do not want to take the plunge into hiring without deep thoughts as to how to attract the right candidates to complement your efforts.

Right candidates translate to those who are willing to work with your business from inception with all the risks and adventures that come with it.

It will be in your own interests and most importantly, that of your business to carefully select candidates who understand what you are trying to achieve.

Bear in mind that the people you employ at the early stage of your business play important roles in making or breaking the business.

Here is why you should look out for passion in a candidate before other qualities when recruiting for your new business:

Passion simply defined

Passion is defined in Merriam Webster ‘s Dictionary as ‘a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something’.


Hiring in a startup

Hiring an employee who is passionate about what he does is crucial for your new business because you might not be able to provide a fat paycheck at this stage.

For your employee to deliver optimal value, he has to be passionate about his job functions and also enjoy his work environment.

You also need a passionate staff because, aside being dedicated to your business as the owner, you also need to run it with enthusiasm  for it to perform well. And you need only an enthusiastic team around you for this purpose.

How to spot a passionate candidate

A passionate candidate will express himself boldly during selection. He will express his love for his work and give you proofs of his productivity.

He will also show you instances of how he has taken risks, overcome obstacles, and applied relevant skills to achieve set goals.

Why you need to hire a passionate candidate

A passionate person is more likely to remain in your company for a longtime because generally, he likes his work and what he does for you.

As the business owner, passion is the driving force that makes you take steps everyday towards building your business. You are passionate about your idea, so you do not think of quitting when the road gets rough. You get the same drive from a passionate employee.

A passionate employee will complement your innovative instincts, especially when you are almost backed against the wall. Instead of giving up or feeling overwhelmed you can always rely on him to help you save the day.

He would also not mind wearing different caps. Having to carry out diverse tasks is common in a startup, however, most employees​ complain about having to perform duties outside their profession or below their qualification.

In this case, a passionate employee would gladly handle other tasks outside his call because of the drive he has towards achieving a larger goal which is the overall success and growth of your business.

Conclusively, a passionate employee is usually an efficient worker, efficiency being a factor that must always be present in the daily life of a new business.

What did you look out for when you were making your first hire? Share your experience with us below.

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