Business blogging service

Business blogging service

blogging for business

You can’t afford not to blog for your business. Here are 10 solid reasons:

  1. A blog brings traffic to your website
  2. It helps to increase your business visibility
  3. A blog helps to improve your SEO
  4. It positions you as an authority in your industry
  5. A blog keeps your website visitors engaged
  6. Business blogging helps you generate leads
  7. It helps you communicate and share valuable information with your audience
  8. It helps you connect with your target audience as a form of marketing (and this is cost effective)
  9. Business blogging helps you create return visitors to your website
  10. Blogging gives your company a voice which helps your audience to see the human side of your business and how you react and contribute to news or trends.

The issue that most small business owners face with business blogging is consistency. And for you to enjoy the benefits of blogging, you need to be consistent in your posting schedule and the message you share with your audience.

Now you can reach a wider audience and also generate leads with business blogging. This offer includes the following items:

  1. We will write 4 original blog articles for your blog per month
  2. Each article will contain 400 words
  3. SEO optimized
  4. Featured image
  5. We will create one Instagram post for each article with description of up to 20 words and up to 10 hashtags

It sounds too good to be true right? Well, this is real. You can now make your website work for you without stress. Fill the form below to tell us more about your business and choose your preferred business blogging plan. We will reply within 24 hours.

How it works

  1. Once we receive your submission, we will send you an invoice and payment instruction
  2. After we confirm your payment, we will send you 4 topic suggestions for review (we will do this every month, even if you choose the yearly plan to ensure that we publish evergreen content as well as trending topics)
  3. If you have your topics ready, you may send then to us
  4. Once the topics are perfect, we will send you the first draft of the articles
  5. Each article will be reviewed up to 2 times
  6. Other instructions such as publishing will be communicated via email
  7. We will charge you extra if we are to publish the articles on your behalf

What are you waiting for? Make your website alive and profitable with business blogging. Start below.