Quick email management tips for a busy entrepreneur

Email management remains a dreadful daily activity for an entrepreneur. But it is inevitable to receive and send emails in a business. Here are 3 quick tips to help you manage your inbox efficiently on a daily basis.

1. Delete unwanted emails immediately

You will recognize these emails once you see them. The subject line is a big tip off. Just trash these emails or mark them as spam so they don’t find way into your priority inbox next time.

2. Have a separate account for receiving newsletters

You’ve probably signed up for newsletters that you actually want to read. To avoid these mails from making your priority inbox fill up too quickly, sign up for newsletters with a separate email address.

Also, the best time for reading these mails is after work hours to avoid distractions. Most newsletters contain links and call to actions that you might be interested in. So, to save time and really focus on your own job, open your newsletter mailbox after close of work.

3. Reply immediately

Set aside about 20 minutes in the morning to check your priority inbox and reply to urgent inquiries immediately. Your priority inbox is where requests, client communications, sales and other important information about your business enter.

You may have more than one mail account for your priority inbox based on the category of emails you receive. However, be careful not to reveal the addresses carelessly to avoid your inbox being filled up with spam.

If you have to take actions on the emails in your priority inbox, you may schedule them for later in the day, depending on the urgency of such actions. But make sure you send a response or acknowledgement to the sender immediately after reading the mail.

These 3 easy hacks will help you concentrate on work plus reduce the chaos in your mailbox.

How do you manage your email as a busy entrepreneur? Share with us in the comments.