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Social media marketing for real estate consultants

So you\’ve asked yourself, how can I use social media to promote my real estate business?

Here is how

There are so many real estate consultants on social media especially LinkedIn and some of the ones I\’ve come across are not working on their reputation. They just copy email addresses and start disturbing their connections with 2 bedrooms in Lekki, plot of land in Yaba, bla bla bla. 🙄

To stand out from these people, you need to build a good reputation so that people would feel comfortable and trust you enough to do business with you.

One way to go about this is to be a learned professional. You should know everything that\’s happening in your industry and share that information on social media with your audience.

You should educate people on how to obtain C of O, why they need Deed of Assignment, on what type of land they can build 3 storey buildings, etc. Be a helpful resource to whoever is looking to invest in real estate. Do not be too promotional.

How to post on social media

Let\’s say you want to post once daily on LinkedIn Monday to Friday, Monday to Thursday should be for sharing valuble information, while Friday should be for getting to know your connections.

How to connect online

Be interested in whom you want to connect with. Don\’t make the conversation all about you; a brief introduction would suffice.

You may write something like: I\’m a real estate consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. I advise my clients as to property investment. What do you do?

Then be an active social media user. Share, like and comment on other members posts. Join LinkedIn groups like Nigerian Business Community, and also share your posts to such groups.

This is not exhaustive.

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