Terms of service

Thank you for choosing to use our services. Kindly go through the content below to learn our terms and how we guard your affairs at Excellaid Support Services (referred to as Excellaid in other parts of this content).


We assure you confidentiality of your affairs with us. These include every piece of information passed on to us in the course of using any of our services. We will not sell or pass to third parties any information concerning you or your business unless authorized by you. We are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to show you how much we are ready to stand by our promise.

Email address

By submitting any form on our website, your email address will be added to our mailing list from which you can unsubscribe at anytime. We will not share your email address with 3rd parties nor spam your mailbox.


  • Before you agree to our terms, please be informed that Excellaid reserves the right to modify or update its content without prior notice to its users.
  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to access Excellaid’s website (available at https://excellaid.com.ng) and also to use any of its services.
  • You must be either a business owner, a legal and recognized representative of a business or any sane and matured individual who requires the use of any of the services offered by Excellaid.
  • Your request for any of our services must be solely for lawful purpose. We reserve the right to reject from you, any assignment that we may perceive as being unlawful or immoral.
  • A client may request for our services either online or offline.
  • A client’s assignment may be completed onsite or offsite based on the client’s request or the format that such service may require. A delivery time will be discussed with the client for all assignments, the earliest delivery period being forty-eight (48) hours from the time of receipt of assignment.
  • A client’s assignment may be delivered to him/her in digital format or hard copy, based on the client’s request or the format that such service may require.
  • A client will usually make full payment of his/her total charge upon the start of his/her assignment. The start time is typically the moment that we have accepted to carry out his/her assignment using any of our services.
  • A client shall not be entitled to full refund upon his/her work being terminated by him/her after we have commenced his/her assignment.
  • A client shall not be entitled to payment refund upon his/her work being discarded by him/her after we have completed the assignment.
  • The client shall bear any additional cost incurred in the course of carrying out his/her assignment. Such cost may be incurred on certain stationery, logistics, or unforeseen miscellaneous expenses.
  • A client may terminate his/her subscription to our service at anytime as long as he/she does not owe us any debt.
  • Excellaid shall not be liable or responsible for the end use of any document or service made available to its client upon the client’s request.
  • All of the above terms are guided by the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Definition of some of the terms used

  • Client: Client refers to any individual who is fit and in need of our service(s) solely for lawful and moral purpose(s).
  • Service: This includes our offers as listed here. It describes the task(s) you may require us to carry out for you at a stated fee which will be communicated to you during consultation.
  • Products: This refers to our offers as described in Service above.
  • Online: This describes the platform through which you may require your task to be carried out. That is, you may have a task that requires online implementation either through social media, your company’s website or any other ICT tool.
  • Offline: Offline refers to a platform where the client meets with any of our representatives physically to request for our service, to receive his assignment or for other purpose that is within our business operations.
  • Onsite: Onsite means the client’s work location. An assignment may be carried out inside the client’s physical office or directly on the client’s digital space.
  • Delivery: This refers to passing a complete assignment to the client or to third parties as requested by the client.


While we do our best professionally to achieve results in all services contracted to us by our clients, Excellaid does not warrant or guarantee that any project embarked upon on behalf of its client(s) would yield results as based on the expectations of the client.

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