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3 ways to create a better work relationship with your VA

One of the best ways to build a better relationship with anybody is through effective communication. If you are looking forward to creating a better work relationship with your virtual assistant, you must address communication in ways that work.

First of all, if you are sourcing your virtual assistant from oversea, you will want to ensure that there will be no language barrier to communication. There must be a common language with which expectations can be communicated from both sides.

After sorting out the issue of language, you should then consider the following tips, which are guaranteed to improve your work relationship with your VA immensely:

Three ways to create a better work relationship with your VA

1. Document your expectations

At the start of the relationship, you should document your expectations. This could be in the form of a standard operating procedure (SOP) or you could embed it in the contract.

You only need to make this document once and you could use it with all your subsequent VA recruits. You can fine tune it as your expectations change, but it mostly likely will not be a major revamp of the document. The essence of this is to provide your new VA with an overview work culture, and to also set the tone of the relationship.

Some tools you can use for this purpose includes Google Keep, Evernote, Redbooth. You can make a list of your daily expectations into these apps, and share it with your VA. This will give both of you a direction of expectations and deliverable.

2. Choose an instant messaging platform

Instant messaging is more convenient than email and you should choose one which is mobile compatible and accessible to both of you. You will need this more if your email is often cluttered, because messages can be buried in junks and you might miss important messages that require urgent attention.

Instant messaging provides a more flexible way of giving instructions on the go, while also receiving feedback.

Examples of instant messaging platforms you can use are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and SMS. These apps are mobile compatible and they consume less data and battery power, thereby making communication seamless between you and your VA.

3. Make the virtual real

This can be pretty awkward, but as soon as you get the drift, it becomes normal. You need to master communicating with your virtual assistant as you would with any of your real team members. You need to break the virtual barrier.

The more you do this, the better it gets and you can almost feel like you have known your VA forever.

Your communication and interpersonal skills come into play here. And you need to maintain a friendly tone with clarity whenever you communicate with your VA over the phone, as she is not in your physical presence to see your facial expressions or communication gestures.

Start communicating better with your VA today, and you will be inspiring a higher level of engagement in them.

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VA is an acronym for Virtual Assistant.

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